Moorea's Ark in Hana Hou

HanaHouAll passengers on Hawaiian Airlines have a chance to catch up on the Moorea Biocode Project. Michael Shapiro - lead editor from Hana Hou Magazine - was embedded with the final field team earlier this year and captured the last push to document marine diversity. Michael's writing captures the excitement, passion and enthusiasm of all involved.

In the News: National Geographic

National Geographic Daily News National Geographic just released a great series of news articles focusing on Moorea (link here), particularly the Biocode Project and the relationship between people and biod

Biocode LIMS PlugIn released

The Biocode/Geneious LIMS PlugIn is being released today for others to use. For the last 2 years, Biocode has been working with Biomatters, a software company from New Zealand and makers of the Geneious Platform, to create an Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to track workflows from tissues generated in the field through the molecular pipeline of extraction, PCR and sequencing.

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