The algal team, Claude Payri, Jean Louis Menou, Lydiane Mattio, et Antoine N'Yeurt, was collecting in Moorea from October to December 2008. The goal of this expedition was to make the inventory of the algal flora and to collect macro-species (multi-cellular and > 5mm) from the reefs and lagoons of Moorea. During this mission, 45 stations were prospected and referenced with a GPS. In each station, specimen were collected and photographed in situ when possible. Collects were conserved in plastic bags during the dive and return to the lab. During a type day, 2 or 3 collects were done between surface and 50 meter deep; collects were done mostly with air and Nitrox for a better desaturation during the decompression.

During this mission, 1193 herbarium plates were done. Most of the taxa were represented by at least 3 herbarium plates. Eventually, taxons were spread in 3 collections which were deposited at University of California Berkeley (UCB phycological collection), University of French Polynesia (UPF phycological collection Tahiti), and Paris Museum (PC). For certain groups, a fourth set of specimens was deposited at IRD Nouméa (NOU-IRD). The UCB collection is the reference collection with vouchers from which DNA was extracted for barcoding.

During this expedition, 221 taxa were identified, 193 at the species level, is to say 87% of the inventory. The remaining 13% were unidentified because they are non described species or because they lack some criterion for specific identification. The identified species spread between the 3 main divisions Rhodophyta (133), Chlorophyta (65) and Phaephycae (23). Many species are new records for Moorea and for French Polynesia, and increase the island described specific richness. Most of these species were collected in the areas deeper than 40 meters, never prospected before this expedition. Many of these species were collected in deep areas in Rapa (Australs): Peleophycus multiprocarpum, Padina melemele ; in Marquesas : Predea laciniosa ; in Tahiti : Dudresnaya hawaiiensis, Predae weldii, Platoma abbottiana. Les taxons nouveaux pour la région sont : Boergesenia forbesii, Bryopsis harveyana, Cladophora glomerata, Cladophora goweri, Codium ovale, Ulva intestinalis, valonia cf nutrix, Scytosiphon lomentaria, Acrothamnion butleriae, Aglaothamnion boergesenii, , Antithamnionella elegans, Asteronemia pseudocoalescens, Amphiroa valonioides, Champia compressa, Chrysymenia kaernbachii, Gibsmithia dotyiiå.